Focus on Mentoring with #ETWATL

Focus on Mentoring with #ETWATL

I have not always needed support with guidance in my career. Decisions in becoming a teacher follow a predictable pattern: You decide in 4th grade, check back in with yourself first semester of 12th grade, and then select a college known for education. Isn’t that the same for everyone? Well, your journey may have enjoyed had more twists and turns than mine, however usually by the time we feel…

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Decade of Data Storage


To store a gigabyte’s worth of data just 20 years ago required a 500-pound machine the size of a refrigerator. Today, we carry gigabytes of data around in our pockets in our smart phones, mp3 players, and laptops. Much of the advancements in storage technology have happened in the last decade as the size and price of storage have impacted consumer technology and how businesses manage data.

Online Storage

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Professional Development Happens

Professional Development has happened to all of us, in a library or cafeteria, from 4:00-4:30 weekly or {insert your own sad, sad example}. While I did learn some things this way throughout my career those things included how to inconspicuously grade papers under the table, hide the work I was doing on my laptop from peers, and catching up on emails while still showing physical signs of paying…

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October Link-up: Free Professional Development

October Link-up: Free Professional Development

October Where Find Free Prof DevProfessional Development shouldn’t be something which happens *to* you. It shouldn’t be something which others plan for you. So, for Connected Educators Month, share where are you finding your own, free professional development now a days.

Link up your existing or a new blog post of the topic!

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No, I will not unfollow you #FF

No, I will not unfollow you #FF

Ready to get real?

There are some facts about (some) educators on Twitter which we might need to discuss.

  1. You say you don’t, but you kind of care how many followers you have
  2. OMGosh do some of you get hacked … repeatedly.
  3. Sometimes, you share random, strange things

However, I will not unfollow you.

Some of you I have met with in-person about the power of Twitter. I will follow you based on what I…

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Edublogs Challenge: Steps 5 & 6

Edublogs Challenge: Steps 5 & 6

Continuing the Edublogs Teacher Blogging Challenge

EduBlogs offers different blogging challenges: personal blogging and student blogging.Edublogs Challenge Steps 5 & 6

In the Teacher Challenge (personal) series I am following these 8 steps:

Step 1: Setting up your blog
Step 2: Setting Up Pages
Step 3: Publish your first posts
Step 4: Connecting with others
Step 5: Working with Widgets
Step 6: Images, copyright and Creative Commons

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#EdCampATL Take-Aways

My first EdCamp was #EdCampSav earlier this year. I was determined to just observe, so naturally I joined in and presented something on Twitter. I went from 0-60 in about the first five minutes I was there. And I find it cute how I intended today at #EdCampATL to just observe again. Because I again pulled an idea out of the corner of my mind and was presenting something on MOOCs for your…

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Wordless Wednesday: How Teachers Became ‘Resented and Idealized’ via @nprbooks

Favorite Start-of-Year Activities

This is part of a Link-up, September Link-up: Fave Start-of-Year Activities. September fave start of year activitiesFor more Link-ups search Categories “Linking Up.”

The last year I was in the classroom was 2008-2009. The last three years I was in the classroom I taught Earth Science to sixth graders. Loved the content, found the edge of how young I should go…. These students were new to Middle School and maybe that was the “newness”…

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